Panel des juges Winnipeg – Sean Dolenuck

Name: Sean Dolenuck
City: Winnipeg

1. Where are you from?
Winnipeg, MB

2. Where do you currently work?
La Boutique del Vino- private wine store

3. How long have you been in the culinary industry?
21 years- Hospitality
Education: Diploma – Hotel Restaurant Mgmt & Professional Sommelier

4. If you could work with any other Chef in the world for one night who would it be?
Grant Achatz – Alinea

5. If you could visit any restaurant in the world where would it be?

6. Who is your mentor, if you have one?
My father- he reminds me all the time the simplicity in how much we complicate this industry. To look at it with open eyes and an open mind.

7. Why do you feel MADE WITH LOVE, as a cocktail competition, is important for the Industry in Winnipeg?
We have so much talent with food and drink in the peg and this is one way for the public to realize it and to show the growth in our city is vibrant and changing all the time.

8. What is the skill you look for in a competitor when you are judging?

9. What is the most impressive thing you have ever seen a bartender do?
Make a proper drink with simple ingredients.

10. What’s the most frequent error competitors do in a competition?
To over complicate a drink and add too many layers and dimensions can make the drink not shine the way it should. The flash and glam are always cool to watch and impressive, it can also be smoke and mirrors.

11.What’s the biggest challenge a judge has?
To stay consistent with scores and not let anything change the way you score. Ie knowing someone in the competition, someone in the crowd shouts out, etc.

12.What is the most precious advice you could give to a competitor?
Be original, let your personality shine through the drink. After all, you are creating something personal and from your soul. Much like a chef creates a plate, or a musician plays a song. Find your rhythm and rock it!

Made with Love

Made with Love

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