5 faits amusants – Peter Johanson

Name: Peter Johanson
Venue: Bar Oso – Whistler

1. If you had to describe your bartending style using a style of music in comparison, what would it be?
I would say electro swing would be the closest comparison: elements of precision and classical style but with a modern twist that’s more energetic and alive, getting everyone involved.

2. We ask you to create a cocktail called MADE WITH LOVE, what’s in it?
It would have to be a cocktail that has all the ingredients that I love! Mezcal, Campari and Amaro Montenegro, a double Amaro Negroni with a smoky character, stirred to perfection.

3. Besides bartending, do you practice another art form / do you have another passion?
Living in Whistler has let me enjoy the outdoors more than I ever have, with snowboarding, golf, mountain biking right on my doorstep, to name just a few, it’s hard not to get involved and appreciate what you have.

4. You have the choice to invite anybody you wish to sit at your bar, (fictional, dead or alive) who would it be?
The dude from The Big Lebowski, I would love to hear some more worldly wisdom and figure out his obsession with the white Russian.

5. Which cocktail would you serve to your lover? And which one would you serve to your ex?
I would serve my lover a classic margarita, my favorite summer drink that brings out thoughts of sipping one on a beach relaxing with the woman I love, everything’s a perfect balance, just like a margarita. To my ex, I would serve a glass of water. No need of wasting alcohol or time.

Made with Love

Made with Love

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