5 faits amusants – Chelsea Rose Schulte

Name: Chelsea Rose Schulte
Venue: Cocktails and Canapes – Event and Catering

1. If you had to describe your bartending style using a style of music in comparison, what would it be?
Funk and soul because everyone gets down to it.

2. We ask you to create a cocktail called MADE WITH LOVE, what’s in it?
Something rare, something homemade, something fresh and something local!

3. Besides bartending, do you practice another art form / do you have another passion?
I love to cook as well. I feel like this contributes to my style of bartending as in most all of my cocktails there’s an ingredient made by me.

4. You have the choice to invite anybody you wish to sit at your bar, (fictional, dead or alive) who would it be?
Jim Carrey, let’s get weird.

5. Which cocktail would you serve to your lover? And which one would you serve to your ex?
A Sazerac because it’s strong and timeless and a Last Word because there would be no words (Dramatic pause).

Made with Love

Made with Love

Créateurs d'événements d’envergure internationale pour les amateurs de cocktails et les épicuriens culinaires. Passion, excellence, extravagance, communauté.