Qualifications Halifax 2011

Les meilleurs barchefs de Halifax luttent pour une place à la finale régionale de la compétition de cocktails Made with Love. Venez les encourager!
12 PM – 4 PM
Taboo Nightclub
1735 Grafton St, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2C6


MADE WITH LOVE is a series of memorable events that bring you to a place of intense creativity and entertainment.

Proudly presented in part by the Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association (CPBA), the popular Canada-wide Mixologist’s Competition “Made With Love” is finally making a stop here in Halifax.


On August 10th at noon, we will hold a Mystery Box event in Halifax at Taboo NightClub. We invite you to come and do what you do best and meet our team. MadeWithLove Mystery Box is a pre-event during which we will select the 10 mixologists from Halifax who will participate at MadeWithLove Mixology main event in October 2011.

The Mystery Box event Wednesday August 10th at noon:

You will have 15 minutes to create a cocktail with ingredients that will be communicated at the last moment. We want to see your creativity and technical skills. At noon sharp, you will look inside the box and make your signature cocktail with the ingredients that are inside this box. 15 minutes and you will have to present your cocktail to the judges.

Bring your bar tools (Shakers, strainers, double strainers, citrus press, zesters, knife and cutting board)

The MadeWithLove Mixology Event in October (date and location to be announced (on a Monday))

10 mixologists participating

Winner of the Judges’ panel :
The barchefs will be judged on their creativity, the presentation and the taste of their cocktail. The barchef who will receive the most points will win a 3 day trip to the MadeWithLove Toronto edition in March 2012 and also have the opportunity to showcase its creation at the event.

Winner of the Public’s Choice:
All the guests attending the event will wear dogtags. They have to taste all the cocktails and give their dogtag to their favourite mixologist. The
mixologist with the most dogtags will win a 3 day trip to the MadeWithLove Torontol edition in March 2012 and also have the opportunity to showcase its creation at the event.

IMPORTANT: Please email us at: info@enjoymadewithlove.com and indicate your name, phone number, the establishment for which you work and a short bio. We will contact you to unveil the 15 selected mixologists for the mystery box event.

Made with Love

Made with Love

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