Finale regionale Halifax 2016

Les meilleurs Barchefs de la ville d'Halifax s'affrontent dans une compétition cocktails extravagante : Qui sera le meilleur? Venez gouter, voter et encourager!
6 PM – 11 PM
The Westin Nova Scotian
1181 Hollis Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 2P6


MADE WITH LOVE is the annual event that allows you to discover what your city’s craft-cocktail scene has to offer. It is at the Westin Nova Scotian that 16 of the city’s most talented BarChefs will present a unique and original cocktail & food-pairing creation in view of being crowned Halifax’s BEST BarChef for 2016 !!

One ticket for the event includes complete tasting of all showcased cocktails, their food-pairing, a welcome cocktail & a Red Bull can as well as a right to vote for your favorite cocktail creation / favorite BarChef.

Early bird pricing [before November 14th]: 55$
Pre-sale: 65$
At the door : 75$


Eric Ross – Lot Six Bar & Restaurant
Vasili Panagopoulos – Highwayman
Thomas Powell – Lot Six Bar & Restaurant
Mark Bradbury – The Bicycle Thief
Evan McNeil – Lot Six Bar & Restaurant
Andrew Rosar – La Frasca Cibi & Vini
Cyle Crothers – Lot Six Bar & Restaurant
Jacob van Hemessen – Temple Bar Cocktails & Kitchen
Andrew Dunphy – Little Oak
Will Irvine – Agricola Street Brasserie
Stephen Mark Browner – The Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar
Matt Conway – The Stubborn Goat Gastropub
Graham Wallace – The Anchor
Chris Thibodeau – The Middle Spoon
Deborah Warentin – LevelBar
Marika Bouchard – Black Sheep Restaurant


Cocktails will be judged on their originality, creativity and taste. Judges will look for passion, expert knowledge, distinct ingredients and the way competitors incorporate these elements in their cocktail creation. The bartender who will be attributed the most points will go on to the National Finals in May 2017, and will have a chance to win one of 10 trips to one of MADE WITH LOVE’s affiliated distilleries.


Every guest will receive a «dogtag» necklace. After having tasted the competitors’ cocktails, the guests will have to give their «dogtag» to their favorite BarChef. The bartender who will have collected the most necklaces will also be elligible to the National Finals in May 2017, and will have a chance to win one of 10 trips to one of MADE WITH LOVE’s affiliated distilleries.


1800 TEQUILA | https://www.1800tequila.com/
APPLETON ESTATE | https://www.appletonestate.com/
CAMPARI | https://www.campari.com/
DISARONNO | https://www.disaronno.com/
SKYY VODKA | https://www.skyy.com/
UNGAVA GIN | https://www.ungava-gin.com/
WILD TURKEY | https://wildturkeybourbon.com/
BITTERED SLING BITTERS | https://www.bitteredsling.com

Tickets include a full tasting of all competing cocktails & delectable food-pairings, affiliated showcase cocktails & foods as well as having the opportunity to vote for the public’s choice winner. 19 years+ // Non-refundable

Made with Love

Made with Love

Créateurs d'événements d’envergure internationale pour les amateurs de cocktails et les épicuriens culinaires. Passion, excellence, extravagance, communauté.