Finale regionale Calgary 2014

Les meilleurs Barchefs de Calgary s'affrontent dans une compétition cocktails extravagante: Qui sera le meilleur? Venez goûter, voter et encourager!
6 PM – 11 PM
Jack Singer Concert Hall
201 8th Ave. SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 0K9


Come and join us for the MadeWithLove Calgary event! You will have the chance to taste 15 amazing competitors cocktails, delicious food to accompany them and have the right to vote for your favourite mixologist.

Tickets are available online for $55 until July 3rd and regular price at $65 after

1. Bryon King – Charcut Roast House
2. Nathan Head – Milk Tiger Lounge
3. Deanna Breland – Raw Bar at Hotel Arts
4. Neila MacIntyre – Ox and Angela
5. Clint Atayiu – Model Milk
6. Stephen Stewart – Milk Tiger Lounge
7. Madeleine MacDonald – Model Milk
8. Emily Butt – Notable
9. Graham Masters – Market on 17th
10. Riley Arnold – Goro + Gun
11. Kai Green – National 10th
12. Desmond Malliaros – Remix Flair
13. Matthew Jacinto-Uhrik – Bourbon Room
14. Jenny Burthwright – Jane Bond Catering
15. Riis Anderson – Sam’s Bar & Grill

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Made with Love

Made with Love

Créateurs d'événements d’envergure internationale pour les amateurs de cocktails et les épicuriens culinaires. Passion, excellence, extravagance, communauté.