National Finals 2019-2020 & 2020-2021

Claudia Doyon is the winner of the 11th and 12th editions of the MADE WITH LOVE National Finals!

After a year of qualifications and regional finals across Canada held virtually for the most part, MADE WITH LOVE has finally crowned the best Canadian bartender, Claudia Doyon from Montréal!

For this special edition, MADE WITH LOVE has reinvented the concept of our legendary competition by creating a 100% virtual event during which 18 judges and thousands of cocktail fans could admire the performances of the 21 finalists.

Our finalists had to create a “bottled cocktail” for a chance to win the competition and take home a prize! This year, the MADE WITH LOVE competition gave out over $20,000 worth of prizes to the winners!

From creating cocktail recipes to label design, bartenders showed imagination and creativity during this significant challenge. 


Their creations were then sent to 18 judges across the country and they were tasted at the same time as the viewing of the finalists’ virtual presentations.

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Finally, it was Claudia Doyon who won first place of Judge’s Choice with her cocktail Wendigo. A cocktail inspired by the history of Quebec and made with sustainably hand-picked ingredients.

Here’s Claudia’s winning recipe: Wendigo

  • Jura 12 years
  • Hand-picked Concord grape shrub (Local apple cider vinegar and maple)
  • Hand-picked chaga infusion
  • Amer Kebek Flowers

Like all MADE WITH LOVE events, the public could participate and support the bartending community.


Each person who wanted to vote for their favourite bartender could do so by donating at least $5 to the Bartenders Benevolent Fund.

Marian Walsh from Toronto won the Public Vote for her cocktail Memory Magician and its presentation.

  • Flor de Caña 12
  • Campari
  • Spicy Ginger Syrup
  • Pomegranate Juice
  • Orange Stuice/Stock Juice
  • Apothecary Coffee Bitters

Special mention of the stunning performance by Christopher Rail, which ranked him second for both Judge’s Choice and the Public Vote with his cocktail Tropic Thunder.

Official results of the competition:

Judge’s choice:

  1. Claudia Doyon – Montréal
  2. Christopher Rail – Toronto
  3. Laurent Lefebvre – Montréal
  4. Jason Cabanillas – Montréal
  5. Marc Bossé – Ottawa
  6. Laurence Deshaies – Québec
  7. Mike Norbury – Victoria
  8. Marian Walsh – Toronto
  9. Kaitlyn Alonday – Calgary
  10. Simon Bertrand Girard – Montréal
  11. Wesley Hunter – Ottawa
  12. Taylor Macpherson – Halifax

Public’s Choice :

  1. Marian Walsh
  2. Christopher Rail

A big BRAVO to all our national finalists and a huge thanks to our judges and our precious partners:

The MADE WITH LOVE National Finals have been presented to you in support to Bartenders Benevolent Fund and the community of Canadian bartenders.

Pour plus d’information : 

Anton Dutot – Directeur aux opérations

(514) 593-8830

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