Montréal Results 2017

MADE WITH LOVE Montréal : the sacred fire for the art of cocktail!

A 9th successful edition of the most extravagant mixology competition in Canada

Montreal, December 13th, 2017 – Once again this year, Montreal highlighted the talent of the city’s best mixologists at MADE WITH LOVE™, the most extravagant mixology competition in Canada. This Monday, audacious Barchefs competed to offer not just the best, but the ultimate creation that would amaze the epicurean crowd that gathered on St-Laurent for the comeback of the event at the Société des art technologiques (SAT)

The regional finalists, who had been selected in the qualification round held in october at the Taverne Midway, competed for the titles of Public’s Choice and Judges’ Choice in an atmosphere that awakened the senses. The Barchefs doubled with ingenuity so as not to let down the crowd of more than 1000 cocktail lovers who showed their love and support to the local bartending scene.

Who was crowned the great winner? For this very special edition in MTL, MADE WITH LOVE™ is proud to announce that Antoine Vendette, representing  Baracca Rhumerie Montréal, won the Judges’ Choice award with his Flor de Cana rum-based cocktail, while Isaac Bédard, independant competitor, won the Public’s Choice award with his Ungava Gin-based cocktail. Special mention to Isaac Bédard who is also the creator of the Educ’alcool mocktail called Sauge Décision (Clementine & sage based) which has been served to everybody the night of the event and was much appreciated by the guests.

Here are the official results of MADE WITH LOVE Montreal 2017:

Judges’ Choice:
1. Antoine Vendette – Barraca Rhumerie Montréal
2. Isaac Bédard – Independant
3. Sean Sargent – Kampai Garden

Public’s Choice:
1. Isaac Bédard – Independant
2. Sean Sargent – Kampai Garden
3. Julie Bélanger Cateysson – Ludger


Antoine Vendette winning cocktail recipe:

L’Oro Cristobal

Flor de Cana Gran Reserva 7 years old
Corn, coffee, smoked kaffir lime leaves syrup
Caffeinated citrus cordial
Wormwood bitter
1642 ginger soda

Garnish: Kaffir lime leaf and smoked coffee bean
Food pairing: Cacti ceviche, smoked plantain, roasted pepper & dehydrated corn

Isaac Bédard winning cocktail recipe

Three ways

Gin Ungava
Clementine and sage syrup
Lime juice
Egg white

Test tube:
Gin Ungava
Matcha syrup
Ginger syrup and Aloes
Lime juice
Coconut milk
Matcha powder

Garnish: Orange zest and sage leaf
Food pairing: Alcoholic sorbet with U Frost machine

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