Montreal results 2014

Judges Choice

  1. Romain Cavelier – Henri Saint-Henri
  2. Jonathan Elbaz – Le 132-Bar Vintage
  3. Andrew Whibley – Bar Mme Lee

Public Choice

  1. Romain Cavelier – Henri St. Henri
  2. Eddy Germain – Le LAB, Comptoir à Cocktails
  3. Jonathan Elbaz – Le 132 Bar Vintage

Romain Cavelier
Cocktail: The Gentleman Lumberjack

Pineau des Charentes Coq d’Or
Smoked lemon juice
Homemade pear juice
Birch syrup
Liquorice bitters
Served with smoked duck: Poached pear, goat cheese, blue potato chip

Jonathan Elbaz
Cocktail: le Strom

Rhum Appleton V/X
Apple juice infused with cinnamon, clove, vanilla and orange zest
Grapefruit syrup infused with honey and lemongrass
Rosemary Butter
Ginger snowball (shaved ice)

Made with Love

Made with Love

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