2019 Calgary Regional Finals

Calgary, June 25th 2019 – For its 8th edition, Calgary highlighted the talent of the region’s best mixologists at MADE WITH LOVE™, the largest mixology competition in Canada. This Monday, eighteen audacious barchefs competed to offer not just the best, but the ultimate creation that would amaze the epicurean crowd!

The eighteen regional finalists, who had been selected in the qualification round held in May, competed for the titles of Public’s Choice and Judge’s Choice in a truly festive and dynamic atmosphere.

The barchefs doubled with ingenuity so as to not let down the crowd who showed their love and support for the local bartending scene.

The winners? For this very special edition in Calgary, MADE WITH LOVE™ is proud to announce that Ian Storcer, representing Cannibale won the Judge’s Choice award with her Campari-based cocktail, while John Fairholm, representing  Confluence Distilling, won the Public’s Choice award with his Disaronno-based cocktail.

This well-deserved victory will bring these two barchefs to compete against the best Canadian mixologists at the MADE WITH LOVE™ finale in May 2020, where both finalists will try to bring home the title of Canada’s best barchef!

Official Competition Results:

Judges’ Choice :
1. Ian Storcer – Cannibale
2. Maya Bartha – Yardarm yyc
3. Danielle Joy Dapula – YAKIMA Social Kitchen + Bar

Public’s choice:
1. John Fairholm – Confluence Distilling
2. Kaitlyn Alonday – Klein / Harris
3. Jesse Kourmouzis – Where The Buffalo Roam Saloon

Ian Storcer’s winning recipe:

Kootenay Nights
Acidified Apple Cider
Dandelion & Burdock Root Syrup
Orange Bitters
Cardamom Bitters
Montellier Sparkling Water

Food pairing: Campari Marshmallow, Chocolate, Graham Cracker

John Fairholm’s winning recipe:

Foreign Banter
Umami Bitters
Apple Cider Vinegar
Unsweetened Apple Juice
Ume-Su (Pickled Plum Juice)
Nori Paper
Toasted Black Sesame

Food Pairing:  Apple Tartare

Congratulations to all competitors and thank you to our valued partners!

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