Meet your judges – Christina Veira

Name: Christina Veira
City: Toronto 

1. Where are you from?

2. Where do you currently work?
Apt 200

3. How long have you been in the industry?
12 years

4. If you could work with any other bartender in the world for one night who would it be?
I’ve been blessed to work alongside so many talented people that I would always rather work with a seasoned co-worker who knows your movements/habits/tricks.

5. If you could visit any bar in the world where would it be?
Lidkoeb in Copenhagen is my favorite bar I’ve been too. Especially during the summer.

6. Who is your mentor, if you have one?
I don’t have a formal mentor but I’m blessed to have worked alongside and be friends with many of the most talented bartenders in Toronto and Canada.


7. Why do you feel MADE WITH LOVE, as a cocktail competition, is important for the Industry in Toronto?
Competitions are great places for bartenders to trade ideas, techniques, and approaches to cocktail creation. Large, multi-stage competitions like Made with Love are also fantastic platforms for developing bartenders to show their skills for the public.


8. What is the skill you look for in a competitor when you are judging?
I love when a bartender can translate their inspiration for their drink with ease and confidence. When a bartender can make a drink that seems esoteric and strange on paper come across (in flavor and presentation) as the most intuitive, natural thing in the world…it’s magical.


9. What is the most impressive thing you have ever seen a bartender do at a competition?

One bartender from South Korea was amazing at stirring while doing fire tricks with his free hand. It was mesmerizing.


10. What’s the most frequent error competitors do in a competition?
Many competitors get too nervous and become defensive. Judges ask questions to learn a bit more about your amazing product, not to trip you up. Relax and have fun.


11. What’s the biggest challenge a judge has?


Staying fun and not having too much fun!


12. What is the most precious advice you could give to a competitor?

Be open-minded and learn from your competitors. Ask for tips and pointers, even if you win. You’ll learn more from critiques than compliments.


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