Meet your ambassador – Shelby Goodwin

Name: Shelby Goodwin
City: Calgary AB

1. Where are you from?

2. Where do you currently work?
The Derrick Gin Mill/ Untitled Champagne lounge

3. How long have you been Bartending?
8 years

4. At what moment in your life did you decide to become a professional bartender?
It just dawned on me one day this was my career

5. What is your favorite cocktail? Why?
Sidecar. It’s delicious and very underrated.

6. What is the cocktail you despise most? Why?
Old-fashioneds. There is no imagination to it and it’s a cop out to order one.

7. What is your go-to/favorite ingredient?
Basil or thyme. They give a really cool depth. Or salt, it’s underused.

8. Which alcohol do you take as a shot?
Grand Marnier

9. What is your favorite cocktail bar in the city?
Am I allowed to say my own?

10. Do you have a funny bar story to tell us?
Ordering an old-fashioned is a funny story.

11. What is the most ridiculous cocktail request you had?
Can you make me a vodka cocktail without sugar and that bubbles? …sure a vodka soda for you!

12. As a MADE WITH LOVE Ambassador, what is your biggest challenge this year?  
Showcasing to new contestants and old ones the benefits of this competition, and how much fun it can be!

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