Made with Love in Spain

MADE WITH LOVE will have a national tour in Spain!

Qué alegría! MADE WITH LOVE is delighted to drop its bags off in Spain for a national tour, starting in January 2017! Bilbao, Madrid, Seville and Barcelona will be hosting our most extravagant cocktail competitions!

The BarChef world is growing in Europe, and a Canadian team will be happy to add a new color to the Spanish fiestas. Each of the four cities selected will host the qualifier rounds and regional finals, while the national finals will be held in the wonderful city of Barcelona.

“Moving to Spain for a few months and showing them the scope of MADE WITH LOVE competitions is very stimulating for a Quebec entrepreneur. It is in partnership with the Campari Group that we are pleased to experience the Spanish in action, and we thank them for their trust”, exclaims Pierre-Olivier Trempe, founder and director of MADE WITH LOVE.

Following its first Barista trial last October in Montreal, MADE WITH LOVE will also expand in Canada in 2017, with the addition of Ottawa and Edmonton in its mixology competition program, for a total of nine cities visited. Spain is a major step in the history of this Quebec company: “The challenge is enormous, but we are confident that the experience we have accumulated over the last seven years will help in the realization of this project. Spain is a country that has a valuable relationship with its bar and restaurant industry, and we will honor it”, states Pierre-Olivier.

“We are always looking for new partners, as this allows us to grow and, most importantly, share the passion of MADE WITH LOVE”, adds Pierre-Olivier. Stay connected with us on this new adventure by following MADE WITH LOVE on social networks.

Key information

National tour in Spain

From January to May 2017

Bilbao, Madrid, Seville and Barcelona

Made with Love

Made with Love

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