Toronto regional finals 2020

Visit Toronto's best Bartenders at their establishments to taste and vote for the best cocktail of the Made with Love 2020 competition. Buy your right to vote right now!


This year MADE WITH LOVE returns with a totally new concept for the regional finals.

Our goal is simple: Encourage the Canadian bartender community!

In order to do so, we propose you to follow the MADE WITH LOVE team and judges who will go to meet the bartenders in all participating cities.

The concept is simple. Each bartender has chosen a location that inspires them.  This place can be a place that made him feel good, a place that reminds him of an important moment in his life, a place that has an important emotional charge, etc . The main goal is to be as creative as possible and create a cocktail inspired by this iconic place.

You will be able to access the videos of each of the participants within a few weeks.


The competitors

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