Marc Bossé

Competitor participating in the 2020 Made with Love Regional Finals in Ottawa. Discover his cocktail.
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New Fall

1.75 oz. Woodford Reserve
1.5 oz. Apple Juice
0.75 oz. Masala Chai Syrup
15 Drop. Tasmanian Pepperberry

Preparation method

Double strain into a highball glass and top the cocktail with a Collins clear ice cube. Garnish with the dehydrated apple slice. Taste.


I named my cocktail New Fall, which represents an adaptation for these current times. Woodford has a rich history: started by Elijah and Sarah Pepper, the couple created a business by building a small cabin near a water source called Pepper Spring. In the beginning of their business, the couple experienced challenges and eventually opened a distillery to survive in the 1800s (given that distillation was the source of currency at the time). Similarly, I’ve chosen Secreto for my location since it’s a patio that was built with the intention to bring people together during these socially distant times.



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