Anton Dutot- Presenter

Presenter participating in the 2020 Made with Love Regional Final in Ottawa. Discover his cocktail.
Presented by:

Balade Automnale

1.5 oz Levenswater
0.75 white wine vinegar
0.75 oz of Eignoki mushroom syrup
1 sage leaf
1 egg white
2 drops of saline solution

Preparation method

Add all the ingredients to a shaker. Blend. Pour into glass. Add two drops of saline solution. Decorate with a pine cone. Taste.


For his cocktail, Anton was inspired by a very expensive moment. Born in France, Anton moved to Quebec three years ago. One of the first visits he made upon his arrival was to go to Gatineau Park in the fall with his sweetheart. This cocktail is inspired by that touching and memorable moment he experienced a few years ago.

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