About us


International event for cocktail enthusiasts and food epicureans, MADE WITH LOVE is your annual celebration of the craft cocktails industry!

The public, along with a panel of renowned judges, are invited to witness this interactive competition by savoring exclusive and extravagant creations and vote for their favorites.

Founded in 2009 in Montreal, MADE WITH LOVE has gained popularity through its mixology competition where passion and excellence bring the bartending community together to push the limits of creativity.

Today, MADE WITH LOVE is active in 2 countries (Canada and Spain), and continues to develop internationally.

Our ambassadors

Chris Thibodeau

Ambassador - Halifax

André Duncan

Ambassador - Montreal and Quebec city

Marty Pineault

Ambassador - Ottawa

Tom Weihmayr

Ambassador - Toronto

Cedric Foley

Ambassador - Calgary

Soren Schepkowski

Ambassador - Victoria