Victoria Regional Finals 2020

Visit Victoria's best Bartenders at their establishments to taste and vote for the best cocktail of the Made with Love 2020 competition. Buy your right to vote right now!
From October 29 to November 26, 2020

Buy your right to vote now and get 50 % off the price of the competing cocktails

Victoria !

Are you guys ready ?? This year, MADE WITH LOVE is back with a totally new concept for the regional finals ! Our goal is simple : encourage the Canadian bartender community !

To do so, from October 29, 2020 to November 26, 2020, we invite you to taste the delicious cocktail creations of our finalists in their bars! Each competitor will have the opportunity to sell their cocktail for a period of 3 days between 5pm and 10pm. The competitors’ schedule will be announced shortly with the dates during which they will present their cocktail in their establishment. For more information, we invite you to visit the competitors page.

You can simply go to the establishment and order your cocktail OR buy your right to vote at the cost of $15.00 + taxes which will allow you to benefit from a 50% discount on the price of the cocktails in the 18 establishments in your city!

After this month of competition, you will receive an email allowing you to vote for your favorite cocktail. The audience and judges’ choices will be announced shortly after Victoria Regional Finals are over.

MADE WITH LOVE will donate the proceeds from ticket sales to the Bartender Benevolent Fund: A charitable organization supporting professionals in the bar and restaurant industry.

Tickets are on sale now:

See you in a bar near you


The competitors

Thank you to our partners for this event

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